Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Break In.

This is my third post. Some of you may be wondering what's with my blog's title... Some of you may guess the answer today.


I bought a car. Joined a forum. Got invited to another one. Joined and found a family. That's the long story short, computer wise.

But here is the long version, at least the first part.
I bought a new car, took delivery on Tuesday May 11th 2010.
10 days and 300 km later, I left home to go to work and came back home a couple days later with 2200 or so clicks on the clock.

Not a bad start...

First Soul Road Trip - Pre-Hamster Era

Time to leave the kilometers behind and put some miles on that Kia Soul...

I left with my mother. Still a newbie at road trips and travelling in general, I didn't know much about all the touristic stuff in the US. I just agreed to the destination...
We drove for a good part of the evening to stop in some town along the way to find out all hotels were full. There was some event there, so we kept on driving until we found somewhere to sleep.

We finally made it in the afternoon, Cape May, New Jersey. A sunny Saturday afternoon to vist the city and enjoy a great meal at Cabanas. The morning after, the weather had changed. It was warm and cloudy. It turned out to be a good thing, because the temperature kept rising, the cloud cover kept us from cooking... We hit the road around lunch time, going back North following the coast line, passing through Wildwood and Ocean City.

We stopped in Margate to meet the famous Lucy. After waiting for our turn in the boutique, we climbed one of the rear legs into the heart of the elephant for our guided tour. All of Lucy's history is presented there, with artefacts and pictures. You can also see the world from Lucy's view!
Unfortunately, the upper story was closed for restoration when we were there. We climbed down the other rear leg and enjoyed the seaside a little.

Not so far away, after being caught in some city traffic, we stopped in Atlantic City, to get a room for the night at the Caesars Palace. We got a great price for the street view room, to find out what was the catch.
I found it pretty funny to have one of the columns blocking most of the view. But since the room is not the main destination of the trip, we left.
We hit the Boardwalk, visiting a lot of small shops and seeing some attractions, such as the Ripley's Believe it or Not! and the Steel Pier Roller Coasters.
The cloudy weather stayed for the Monday morning, but it didn't prevent a couple of surfers to challenge a few waves.

We roamed around the boardwalk a little more before heading home. We drove around New York City just in time to hit the rush hour, and enjoy the fact that it's way less painful than the ones we have here. We barely noticed it was traffic...

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